Get Involved!

We are looking for volunteers


to help develop the app & spread the word. Please look at the specific jobs listed below and if you are interested in helping reach out to us!

Tree Hugger-Photographer/Contamination Hunter (many available)

We are looking for waste stream guardians who help us populate our image database of disposable items. As part of your job, you will take multiple photos of a waste item and upload them to our server, while giving each image group an identifying label. Required qualifications are a willingness to handle (to be) disposed items, the ability to (1) operate the camera on your mobile phone, and (2) work under limited supervision and with attention to detail. Contamination Hunters will participate in a training session that will prepare them for their photographic conquest of the disposable lives we live. If you master the selfie/snapshot your life game and frequently encounter disposable items in your every day, we'd love to have you join our team!

Social Media Manager/Senior Influencer (1 available)

We are looking for a social media whiz to maintain and run our ContaMiNot Twitter account on a frequent basis, i.e., posting several times a week. As part of your job, you monitor the news on local and worldwide efforts to tackle the global waste crisis, stay up to date on U-M efforts related to managing waste streams, post ContaMiNot-relevant updates to the Twitterverse, share recycling and composting tips, and connect us with the global Twitter community engaged in solving the global waste crisis. If expressing yourself in 280 characters or less is your specialty, we'd love to have you join the team!

  • iOS developer
  • Android Developer
  • Database Management
    • We need people to volunteer to give descriptions of items & sort the images
  • Gamification
  • Data analysis
  • Liaison officers
    • We need people to volunteer to work with collaborators across the U-M campus


to evaluate the new app’s performance

    • We would like to partner with the Environment 391 winter semester class to have them use this tool for a class project

Faculty Sponsors

who offer support and guidance

    • We would like to apply for UROP in the spring of 2020 and need a faculty sponsor for this