App Development

Help us develop the App by Installing and taking photos of disposable items.

  • How To Install ContaMiNot (IOS) from Testflight
    • Go to your App Store, search and install Testflight if you don't have it yet
    • Testflight is a system for installing beta versions of apps
    • If you are reading this from a Desktop browser, type this link in our iOS browser:
    • The system will walk you through installing the beta version of the ContaMiNot app
    • Once installed, Testflight will send you notifications if there are new builds available
    • The current beta version will expire and stop working in about 90 days. We are planning to push new builds within this time period

  • (Optional) Set up your U-M Unique Name User ID
    • This will enable us to link images that you took back to you, in case we have any follow-up questions
    • Go to your iOS Settings App, scroll down until you find the ContaMiNot app
    • Enter your unique name or other email address here.

Taking Images of Disposable Items

  • Identifying items and photographing them
    • Batch 30 photos of the same item in different lighting and backgrounds, hand positions and orientations
  • Taking and uploading pictures with the ContaMiNot App
    • For your next item hit the new item button
  • Please send us any feedback you have on the functionality, UI, ...